I’ve traced the car’s history back to the middle 80’s. The guy that bought it back then told me he was the one who customized it to how it was when I purchased it. He told me his friend, Norm Weinraub* helped him decide the colors and overall look. He went to lots of shows with it and according to him it took a lot of trophies. He sold it in 2002. The next owner only had it a year as his wife wanted a Corvette instead?? The next owner, the one before me, also had to sell it after a year as his wife hated it?? He put it up on eBay in December 2004 where I bought it. Lucky for me, my wife likes it :-). I intend to keep it and the plan is to bring most of it back to how it was from the factory.

*Weinraub was quite famous for doing 1965-66 Mustangs in red, white, and blue color themes. Reportedly, in 1989 one of Weinraub’s customized 1966 Mustang Convertibles went for, at the time, a stunning $50K at a Barrett-Jackson auction. Because of the red/white/blue theme on the cars, some called them The Circus Cars :-)

Here's how it looked, when I purchased it: fr_renovering01.jpg




































































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