Of the

472,209  1967 Mustangs,

44,821 were Convertibles. Of them,

2,181 were built with 390-4V Engines. Of those,

1,135 came with Automatic Transmissions, of which

168 were painted Lime Gold.

4 of them had Parchment Standard Bench Seats (note below).

4 of those had the GT Equipment Group.

2 of them had Styled Steel Wheels. Of them,

1 had a Tilt Steering Wheel.

7R03S175XXX is that Mustang.

Door Data Plate Information:

Serial Number 7R03S175XXX

7          1967

R          Built at San Jose

03        Convertible

S          390-4V

76C      Bench Seat

I           Lime Gold

4U       Parchment Standard Bench Seat (note below)

25A     Scheduled For Build: January 25, 1967

71        Los Angeles Ordering Destrict

D         3.25 Equa-Lok axle ratio

U         C-6 Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic



White Power Top w/ Glass Backlite

Closed Crankase Emission System

Exhaust Emission Control

GT Equipment Group

C-6 Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic

Equa-Lock Differential

Courtesy Light Group

Electric Clock

F70-14 Wide Oval Tires

White Sidewall Nylon Tires

Deluxe Steering Wheel

Power Steering

Tilt-Away Steering Wheel

Air Conditioner Selectaire

AM/FM Radio

Exterior Décor Group

Tinted Glass

Deluxe Seat Belt

Styled Steel Wheels

Tachometer and Trip Odometer

Your car was actually produced on january 31, 1967 – six days behind schedule.



Note: According to my 1967 color & trim guide, the interior in a Lime Gold car with Bench Seat, were only available in black, so the first owner must have convinced the Dealer otherwise.




According to Kevin Marti:

Of close to 44,821 Convertibles made in 1967, only 1209 were delivered with the Bench Seat. Only 16 of those 1209 Mustang’s, had the 390-4V Engine, Automatic Transmission, GT Equipment Group and Exterior Décor Group. 


Who knows, maybe this is the only survivor of those 16.



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